Attention Police Week Pipe Bands!

    There are new procedures for :
1. Pipers and drummers that want to participate in the Capitol Steps on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

    MUST give the following:

    Full Name

    Date of Birth

    Social Security #

   Pipe Band Name

2. Only pipers and drummers will be allowed in the inner perimeter- are cleared through the US Capitol Police

3. US Capitol Police will have a master list at the staging and entry point.

4. That is where the passes will be given out. If a piper is not on the list they will not be allowed in the inner perimeter.

5. NCLEES has been tasked will getting the piper information

6. NCLEES Pipeband Committee will assist in gathering the information.

7. NO WEAPONS ALLOWED (Knives, Claymores, Swords, Skin-Dus, etc.)

    Department issued service weapons with Active Duty credentials and Driver's License

The cut off for the list is Monday April 15. 2019
contact Steve Butterdrodt: piperbutter@yahoo.com

Chris Jackson: wdcrppb@gmail.com