Attention Police Week Pipe Bands!

      There are new procedures for :
  1. Pipers and drummers that want to participate in the Capitol Steps on Friday, May 15, 2024

      MUST give the following:

      Full Name

      Date of Birth

      Social Security #

     Pipe Band Name

  2. Only pipers and drummers will be allowed in the inner perimeter- are cleared through the US Capitol       Police

  3. US Capitol Police will have a master list at the staging and entry point.

  4. That is where the passes will be given out. If a piper is not on the list they will not be allowed in the i inner perimeter.

  5. NCLEES has been tasked will getting the piper information

  6. NCLEES Pipeband Committee will assist in gathering the information.

  7. NO WEAPONS ALLOWED (Knives, Claymores, Swords, Skin-Dus, etc.)

    Department issued service weapons with Active Duty credentials and Driver's License

The cut off for the list is Monday April 15, 2024
contact: Chris Jackson: wdcrppb@gmail.com